DevOps Engineer

Full-Time in Worldwide - Remote OK - Engineering - €30k - €50k

Creoate is expanding its platform to a micro-services cloud native architecture in which to base their user facing products to create frictionless, pleasant and fast online marketplace experiences. Our engineering teams need an experienced, passionate and hands-on DevOps engineer to work closely with them, applying deep technical expertise to solve cloud-based solutions at scale.

DevOps is a big deal at Creoate. Our organisation understands nurture and emphasise the role of DevOps as one of the core drivers of the overall engineering success. Ensuring that our services are built for scale, reliability and performance is a big part of it. Balancing the short-term needs of development teams with the long-term needs of our company will make you a successful DevOps Engineer.

The ideal candidate should be based in GMT (+-2 hours) timezone.

Main responsibilities

  • Building and setting up new development tools and infrastructure
  • Working on ways to automate and improve development and release processes
  • Ensuring that systems are safe and secure against cybersecurity threats
  • Working with software engineers to ensure that development follows established processes and works as intended
  • Delivery of highly available, highly reliable, secure & scalable micro-services
  • Measure, Monitor and support production SLA’s

To get things done you will need (some of them)

  • Proven DevOps background with 2 / 3 years professional grade experience
  • Experience with AWS and/or GCP, with in-depth knowledge on their respective building blocks, designs, and architectures
  • Experience with IaC tools (Terraform, Serverless)
  • Experience with CI/CD pipelines
  • Experience with container orchestration environments (AWS ECS, AWS Fargate, Kubernetes)
  • Experience with monitoring solutions (AWS CloudWatch, Dynatrace)
  • A commitment and drive for quality, technical excellence and results
  • Thinking reusable
  • Able to communicate effectively in English